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Basic Course

The Training Program

The ILM Practitioners Training Program consists of 4 parts, that includes Basic Course (4 modules), Movement Class Teacher Training, Advanced Course and Internship year. Completing all four parts of this training and our internship process enables you to receive a permanent ILM Practitioner Diploma and allows you to be part of the ILM Members Club – ILM Circle of Practitioners.



With great excitement, we are happy to invite you to join us for the 3rd International Ilan Lev Method Practitioners’ Training Program – Basic Course. 

During the course you will learn all the basic treatment materials, discover the Ilan Lev movement language and get to know the ideas and principles of the method. Additionally the therapeutic attitude and some additional segments will be explored. Completing this course entitles you to a temporary ILM practitioner diploma, so you can begin working as a licensed practitioner and build your clinic.

The course will also include: 

  • 4 online Lectures with Ilan 
  • 8 online Anatomy lessons
  • 4×10 days of Intense modules live in Kików 

Upon completion of the Basic Course, a temporary practitioner diploma will be issued and graduates will be allowed to begin working as ILM practitioners

This temporary diploma will be valid for two years and will have a permanent validity once all the other training requirements are completed. In special cases, and upon the management’s consideration, the temporary diploma can have an extension of the validation period to three years. 

You will also be able to appear in our interns list in the ILM website, access to our ever-growing digital video library that has hundreds of hours of recorded classes from previous years and will have the option to continue to learn and grow with us as part of our community. 

We welcome and encourage you to join the basic course, without committing to any other part in the 3-year training. We strongly believe that through the learning process we offer – you will choose what is best for you, and decide if you wish to continue with us in your journey.

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Calendar of trainings


BASIC COURSE #4: I module

2.02-11.02 2025


BASIC COURSE #4: iI Module

25.08 – 3.09 2025






24.08- 2.09.2026

* prices will be added soon

Basic Course total cost


Payments can be made in the following order:
Registration fee: 500 EUR to be paid when you register
1st payment: 1500 EUR To be paid until 1.07.2023
2nd payment: 1500 EUR To be paid until 1.10.2023
3rd payment: 1500 EUR To be paid until 1.01.2024

Registration fee: 500 euro

  • Registration fee is non-refundable. Must be paid immediately after course registration. Your place in the course is secured only upon completing the registration fee payment which will be deducted from the total price.
  • The price of the Basic Course does not include costs of accommodation and food. More information via email.

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